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Berkeley Springs, WV
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Martinsburg, WV
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Charles Town, WV
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Winchester, VA
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Patient Testimonials

Surprised by all I was missing

"I was so surprised by all that I was missing and how deficient my hearing really was. My Audiologist was so patient and kind when working with me and worked hard to resolve by hearing difficulties. I would strongly recommend Audiology Hearing Care Services to anyone."

- Denny Martin

Warmest and Professional

"Absolutely the warmest and most professional treatment possible."

-Bernard Burtnick

A Pleasure

"Excellent Staff, a pleasure to deal with."

-Edward L Sigulinsky

I should have stopped by sooner.

"My visits have been very pleasurable. Should have 'stopped by' a few years ago! Thank you."

- Arch H.

I wish I had acted sooner.

I have enjoyed your services for a number of years. My experiences have consistently been superb. I just wish I had acted on my audiologist’s recommendations sooner.”

- James S.

No one knows I'm wearing one.

I love hearing what people are saying without everyone knowing I’m wearing hearing aids. My audiologist listened to me and my concerns and fit me with the right brand. Thank you.”

- Elizabeth T.

My life is great again.

“First of all, I think you are all very sweet and kind people and you all do a wonderful job at what you do. I would also like to thank my audiologist who made my life great again.”

- Melvin R. D. Jr.

Friendships created.

“I was very satisfied with the friendship I felt. The staff was very helpful and I felt the service couldn't have been better. I seriously feel I made a very good choice. Thank you very sincerely.”

- Jessie B.

I couldn't believe it.

I had no idea how much I was missing. I knew I had a problem but no clue how much I had lost! My husband is happy to know I am not ignoring him. I just could not hear him.”

- Margaret M.